A Devil’s Child

Anna needs to find her kidnapped baby. But where in wartime Iraq is her vengeful husband hiding her? If Anna doesn’t unveil his secret past, she may never hold her child again.

Soon after Anna gave birth to Zina, she knew the child was not her husband’s. And also, that she wants to spend her life with Zina’s real father. Most of all, she wants to be away from the horrible secrets that her husband kept from her, but of which a glimpse already shocked her to the core.

That glimpse and his suspicions about her affair bring Karim to kidnap baby Zina, in this suspenseful romance set mainly in Amsterdam and Iraq. His jealousy and vengefulness in combination with his secrets make for such a deadly brew that Anna and her lover are forced into hiding.

When Davoud finally goes to Iraq with Anna to look for their daughter, they find a country in disarray after bombing raids toppled the dictator. With their search for Zina getting ever more desperate, Anna realizes the time has come to disclose Karim’s hidden past.

Judit Neurink shows in A Devil’s Child not only her knowledge of Iraq and its people, but also her art to write suspenseful romance novels that contain close connections to real-life events.

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