Reading from A Devil's Child in Lexikopoleio

Presenting The Good Terrorist at The Free Thinkings Zone in Athens

Presenting Violence Recycled in Amsterdam to the former Dutch consul of Erbil, Jeannet Alberda

At the old door of the synagogue in Al Qosh which plays a role in The Jewish Bride

Before doing a presentation for the Kurdish Writers Unions in Erbil

With my Kurdish publisher Badran Habib at the Erbil book fair

After inviewing Perwin, one of the Yezidi women in Slaves Wives and Brides

My present couple of cats, Dona (half Siamese, half Greek) and Gatita (Siamese from Beirut)

Signing Violence Recycled for the Iraqi ambassador in The Hague

At work in Athens

Inside the citadel of Erbil, that plays a role in The Jewish Bride

With a young Sunni Sheikh, a victim of ISIS, near the Iraqi city of Hawija

With the Kurdish publisher of The Jewish Bride in Sulaymaniya

With the Baba Sheikh, the former religious leader of the Yezidis

Drinking tea in Erbil with prize winning photographer Eddy van Wessel during one of our working trips in Iraq