French Deception

French Deception

Under the pen name Judit Antonia:

Determined to put her past to rest, can she dig up her ex’s secrets without falling victim to a global plot?

Amsterdam. Susan is devastated. After believing she’d found her other half in a handsome colleague, the savvy international photojournalist goes to pieces when he brutally ends the relationship. Still a mess after three years, the scarred go-getter is stunned to discover the mediocre photographer has landed a position as a French minister.

Convinced she was just another pawn in a spy operation, Susan jets to Iraq seeking answers that may finally heal her broken heart. But when she unearths her former lover’s ties to the Kurdish resistance and damning revelations start piling up, the fearless woman finds herself in the crosshairs of those desperate to keep their secrets buried.

Will Susan’s hunger to find peace plant her in a shallow grave?

French Deception is an exhilarating espionage thriller. If you like intense characters, nail-biting action, and real-world power struggles, then you’ll devour Judit Neurink’s gritty tale.

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