Slaves wives and brides

Slaves wives and brides

Women under the rule of ISIS

 Which is the role of women in a radical Muslim group like ISIS? Did women fight and kill, in the state ISIS ran in Iraq and Syria? What happened to the women that ISIS kidnapped? How was life in general for women in the group’s caliphate?

Do you want to understand better what is the relation between radical Islam and women? How it is possible, that women were joining ISIS by the thousands from abroad? That active western women agreed to a life at home, just as wives and mothers?

Then you need to read this book by acclaimed Dutch author and journalist Judit Neurink, who lived in Iraq for over ten years and reported on the arrival and departure of the ISIS regime for media in Holland and Belgium.

Slaves wives and brides shows the complex relationship between women and radical Islam. In the book, Neurink gives a voice to Yazidi women who escaped from the caliphate. She tells the story of the American add worker Kayla Mueller, who was the slave of ISIS-leader Al-Baghdadi. She paints a clear picture of daily life under ISIS rule for women in cities like Mosul and Raqqa. With ISIS mostly defeated in Iraq and Syria, this book is a completely updated and edited version of Neurink’s sixth book The Women of the Caliphate.

Slaves wives and brides is available on for  $18.95 (also as e-book and in other Amazon stores)