The War of ISIS

On the road to the Caliphate

Suddenly they were all over the news: the radical fighters of ISIS. With black flags and their faces hidden by scarves, they made their entrance on our screens as the new Islamic threat.

They captured major cities in Syria and Iraq and forced their strict Islamic laws upon the civilians. They declared their own Islamic State, and tried to enlarge that by using the weapons they captured on the way.

Groups of men – soldiers and civilians – were killed, Westerners kidnapped and beheaded and women and children captured. The women were used as sex slaves, the children were indoctrinated into ISIS’s extreme edition of the Islam.

But what is ISIS – or IS, as it calls itself after the Islamic State it declared? Where does the organisation emanate from, what do they want and why? What is it that attracts young men and even women to come to Iraq and Syria and join their ranks? And what is the War of ISIS really about?
The War of ISIS explains the background of the group, its rise and the road it has followed toward its own Caliphate, in a way which is understandable for anyone who follows the news.

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