The Good Terrorist

The Good Terrorist

A suspenseful novel based on true life stories from the Caliphate

Rose is shocked to hear her husband died in the Caliphate. His best friend becomes her lover. Will they together be able to find out the truth of what happened?

Is there love, hate and friendship inside the Caliphate, the Islamic state that the radical Muslim group ISIS created in Iraq and Syria? How do you survive in this land of terror, and is it even possible to get out of it alive?

This is the story of Rose, who finds herself confronted with these questions when she is told her former husband was killed in the Caliphate. While she is still in denial, her new lover, who is also his best friend, decides to find out what really happened.

And of Dua and Amina: two Yezidi women captured by ISIS to become sex slaves, and the secret networks set up to get them out.

It is the story of a struggle for humanity under the rule of a group that imposed its brand of Islam on large parts of Iraq and Syria. A story of religion abused in their hands, violence, and slavery. But also of the brave men and women standing up against it.

A story that is based on the lives of real people living in and fleeing from the Caliphate.

The Good Terrorist is available on for $ 17.99 (also as e-book and in other Amazon stores)